Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India as Republic in present context

      India celebrated its 62nd Republic Day with great pomp and show and displayed its military might to the world. And I take this occasion to to raise several unanswered questions with which my fellow countrymen are grappling. There are questions related to corruption, price rise, terrorism , accountability and good governance which the so called popularly elected government needs to answer. I have used the words 'so called popularly elected government' , because this is the government which has been elected by less than half the population of the country.

      On Economic front, the government needs to answer when and how price rise and inflation be brought under control. What steps have been taken by the government to ensure food security.We Indians demand answers from the government whether the black money stashed in foreign banks be ever brought back to the country.

       The government also needs to answer questions about the widespread corruption on social front. On billion Indians are still baffling with the question whether the government officials and the ministers involved in 2G scam, CWG scam, food scam and Adarsh scam escape unpunished?

       Another important question that needs to be answered on Political front is whether patriotism is prohibited in our country. Whether we Indian have the right to hoist our National Flag or not? If yes, then why have the Jammu ans Kashmir government and the Central government prohibited members and leaders of the main opposition party from hoisting the National Flag in Srinagar. Is the government afraid of the separatists and the hostile neighbors?

        Coming back to good governance which I have mentioned in the first paragraph. What steps have the government taken to curb Naxalism? What steps have the government taken to eliminate poverty and backwardness in tribal regions which is the root cause of naxalism?

       It should be noted that I am not against the government or any particular individual. But I am definitely against the policies of the government.

जय हिंद !! 
वन्दे मातरम !!