Monday, May 17, 2010

Indian Cricket team: Kings on the cards

        The recent debacle of the Indian Cricket team at the T20 World Cup in West Indies has exposed its hollowness. The weakness of Indian team against short pitched deliveries was banked handsomely by their opponents. It is ridiculous to see Indian players playing at the highest level struggle against quality fast bowling and something is really wrong with the Cricketing structure in India.

        The excuse presented by the Indian skipper MS Dhoni that the late night IPL parties were a cause of  defeat  does not justify Indian teams abysmal performance. Last year too the Indian Cricket team had blamed the IPL for the last years fiasco in defending the World Cup championship. BCCI should have also learned from the last years experience and could have made changes in the IPL schedule keeping in mind the World Cup. But the truth is that the greedy nature of both the Board and the Players led to the downfall.

           Indian players also need to have a change of attitude. Indian coach Gary Kirsten raising questions about the commitment of Indian players is not a good sign. Fitness level of the players was also under the scanner during this World Cup. The words quoted by the coach that at 42 he is fitter than some of the players in the Indian Cricket team is really embarassing for the players.

         My advise to the Indian team in this situation would be, play for your country and not for money. Stop blaming the IPL for the fiasco. There were players in the Australian and English team as well who participated in IPL but they never complained. The performance of such players has even got better while playing for the country. Take the case of Kevin Pietersen, he also participated in the IPL and also became a father for the first time during the tournament but still his commitment his unquestionable. He played match winning innings in the semifinal and the final and was judged Man of the Tournament. Same commitment from the Indian players is expected. Finally, Dhoni  & Co. don't be a BADMAASH COMPANY  chasing money. You are our heroes and real heroes are defined by their deeds. Don't be kings on the kings in our hearts !!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Synopsis 4: Digital Fortress and Deception Point

      Both these books by Dan Brown have remarkable similarities. This is the reason why I am writing the combined synopsis of both these books. The above photo was clicked immediately after I finished reading both these books.

       Digital Fortress is about an organization named National Security Agency (NSA) while Deception Point is about National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Both these organizations are US based and have a significant role in the security of that country.

       Digital Fortress revolves around Susan Fletcher- a brilliant, beautiful Cryptographer and an employee at NSA. This book describes how she is able to save the NSA from a conspiracy hatched by the Director of NSA. In this process she gets help from David Becker, a professor at Georgetown University and a brilliant foreign language specialist.

        Deception Point revolves around Rachel Sexton-daughter of a politician and an employee at NRO. This book describes how she is able to unmask the NRO director who tries to deceive the whole world by manipulating with the scientific evidence about extraterrestrial  life. In this process she gets help from Michael Tolland - an oceanographer and a T.V. presenter.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Synopsis 3- Angels and Demons

         I read this novel after watching the movie but I found that the book is more interesting than the movie. This is because the book has got more twists and turns and is thrilling till the end.

         The book describes how Robert Langdon, Professor of symbology at Harvard and the main character of this book, with the help of Vettoria Vetra(an Italian scientiest and the other main character of the book) are able to save Vatican from a deadly conspiracy. Robert Langdon uses his knowledge of symbology to prevent Vatican from a certain annihilation.

         In this novel I particularly liked the description of the medieval age monuments of Rome and Vatican.

          This book is a must read for suspense lovers. :)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Synopsis 2: Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

         Dan Brown novels are my favorite. That is the reason I am writing reviews of the novels. I am going to write a series of reviews of all the Dan Brown books. This is first of the series.

         Dan Brown has blended the historical facts along with his observations with immaculate perfection. It is a highly riveting  and interesting story which keeps you turning pages.

          This book describes how Robert Langdon,Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University solves a series of puzzles to unravel the mystery behind the murder of curator Jacques Saunière of the Louvre Museum in Paris.The ultimate solution is found to be connected with the possible location of the Holy Grail and to a mysterious society called the Priory of Sion, as well as to the Knights Templar. The story also involves the Roman Catholic organization Opus Dei.

            The pains he might have taken to write this book is highly commendable. A fantastic novel !!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Day

       "There is power, there is power in a band of working men, when they stand, hand in hand. That's is a power, that's a power that must rule every land."-Joe Hill.
        As the above saying goes, it is the power of labour which is behind every nations success and economic progress. To acknowledge this fact, Labour Day is celebrated all over the world on May1. This day is also known as 'May Day' or 'Workers Day'.

        The origin of May Day has its origins in the Eight Hour Day movement, which advocated eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest.

        I am the of the opinion that this day can also be taken as a day to remember the contribution of farmers and soldiers of our country. Farmers on one hand provide us with food-grains, vegetables and fruits necessary foe life. On the other hand, soldiers protect our land from the enemy. Our ex- Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri rightly quoted, "Jai Jawan, Jai  Kisan." It mean hail the soldier and hail the farmer.