Friday, April 23, 2010

Synopsis 1- Godfather by Mario Puzo

       This book by Mario Puzo is work of genius. It has got everything-all the ingredients of a blockbuster novel- suspense, thrill and drama. Once you start this book, you cannot put it down.
       The story given in this book is very riveting and keeps you interested till the very last page.It speaks about Don Corleone- a honorable, just and reasonable man and his mafia in New York. It speaks about the cunning ways by which he runs his mafia and manages the various people. It also speaks about his family.

        This book is divided into nine parts and I particularly liked the first and the eighth part, although the other parts are also very good and interesting.

My favorite line from the book:

' Let your friends underestimate your abilities and let your opponents overestimate your your faults , that's the greatest blessing you can have.'

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