Saturday, May 8, 2010

Synopsis 4: Digital Fortress and Deception Point

      Both these books by Dan Brown have remarkable similarities. This is the reason why I am writing the combined synopsis of both these books. The above photo was clicked immediately after I finished reading both these books.

       Digital Fortress is about an organization named National Security Agency (NSA) while Deception Point is about National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Both these organizations are US based and have a significant role in the security of that country.

       Digital Fortress revolves around Susan Fletcher- a brilliant, beautiful Cryptographer and an employee at NSA. This book describes how she is able to save the NSA from a conspiracy hatched by the Director of NSA. In this process she gets help from David Becker, a professor at Georgetown University and a brilliant foreign language specialist.

        Deception Point revolves around Rachel Sexton-daughter of a politician and an employee at NRO. This book describes how she is able to unmask the NRO director who tries to deceive the whole world by manipulating with the scientific evidence about extraterrestrial  life. In this process she gets help from Michael Tolland - an oceanographer and a T.V. presenter.

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  1. Dan Brown is an absolutely talented author. His research is always done so well, and the style in which he conveys his information is easy to comprehend for those of us out there who are not astrophysicists, geologists, or any other kind of science junky. This book was no exception. I am very pleased to have read this book. It packs in lots of interesting information, and the action is always so thrilling. Brown just keeps you craving more and more.