Sunday, September 11, 2011

Synopsis 9: The Winner Stands Alone

    ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ by Paulho Cohelo describes a story which basically revolves around three main characters namely-Igor who is a Russian business tycoon, Ewa who is Igor’s wife and Hamid Hussein who is a fashion designer from Middle East.

    Igor is into Telecom business and he is quite engrossed in it. He loves his wife Ewa very much but could not spend time with her because of his busy schedule and business commitments. As time goes Ewa’s discontent grows and finally decides to give Igor divorce. At the same time Ewa comes in contact with Hamid Hussein who is a big name in fashion industry and they get married.

    However, Igor still loves his wife and desperately wants her back in his life. To win her back he makes a journey to Cannes where his former wife and Hamid Hussein are also there. He is even prepared to kill people to win back his love. He thinks that killing for love is justified. There are other characters in the story like Gabriella, Jasmine,Maureen,etc.who come in the scene as the story progresses. All these characters are directly involved in fashion or film industry.

    On his way of winning back his ex-wife he goes on killing one person after the other. Gradually he develops a feeling of hatred towards his ex-wife and at the end kills Ewa and Hamid Hussein. Quite a depressing end,isn’t it?

   The story lacks thrill which can keep a reader from getting bored. There are a lot of unnecessary details given in this book about the Cannes film festival and the film and fashion industry which is quite boring. Still a good book to read on a weekend.

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