Thursday, May 30, 2013

Synopsis 12 - Frankenstein

 In this book, Mary Shelly describes how Victor Frankenstein, a student of natural philosophy, who creates a monstrous living being. This monstrous living being although tender hearted  is hideous in countenance. He is abhorred and detested by human beings wherever he comes across them. As a result, he becomes increasingly desolated from the society and has to hide in snow clad mountains, caves and isolated places where he doesn't have to come across human beings.

Over a course of time the giant becomes  increasingly isolated and secluded which makes him cruel. He then decides to take revenge  on his creator Frankenstein. In order to make Frankenstein feel isolated, the monstrous being  goes on to kill all the relatives and friends of Frankenstein.

After having being bereaved of all his loved ones, Frankenstein then pursues his creation to the Arctic in order to destroy them. This story thus reflects the horrific and terrifying consequences of playing God.

Book Summary -
·         Title - Frankenstein
·         Author - Mary Shelly
·         Publisher - Penguin Classics
·         My Rating -  3/5

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