Friday, November 26, 2010

Synopsis 7- Trust me

       This novel portrays the best of western culture and the worst of Indian culture. On one hand it tries to portray the dignity of woman through the main character Parvati (Paro), on the other hand it deals a severe blow to the dignity of woman by  citing examples of actresses and other artists who are willing to act as prostitutes in order to get work. The main character of this novel Parvati on one hand believes in the tradition of trust and marriage, on the other hand she has been portrayed as an ultra modern woman smoking and drinking and having affair to come out of the trauma that she suffered earlier. This is completely preposterous.All the male characters in the novel have been depicted as craving for lust and exploiting woman. This is completely ridiculous.

      In the earlier part of the review I have written that it depicts the worst of Indian culture and I have reasons to say so. This novel on many times described pre-marital sex which is against the Indian culture and values and an adoption of western culture. It has also depicted woman as over ambitious, leaving their native places and freaking out. Woman with high ambitions are good for the society and country but the rebellious manner in which has been depicted is highly objectionable. It also depicts woman as drinkers and smokers.

      Now, coming to the main story. The character of Parvati (Paro) has a pre-marital affair with a man named Karan. Paro gets pregnant and she has to undergo abortion. Her boyfriend Karan ditches her. Taking advantage of the situation her boss at an Ad agency tries to exploit her but in vain. All these incidents make her loose all respect and trust for man. In the course of time a struggling actor Rahul Kapoor enter her life. This Rahul guy falls in love with Paro but she wouldn't trust him because of her previous experiences. Honestly, the character of Rahul is very unmanly. Everything that Paro does is acceptable to him. On many occasions Paro insults him but still he is after Paro.(Even a dog which is known for its faithfulness will run away after receiving so much of whacking....just joking !! ) And at the last Paro agrees to marry him and that is the only positive thing in the entire book. And that's it !!

     A very ordinary story with no real twists and turns and thrill. Not a completely romantic novel as well. Thumbs down from my side !!

Book Details:
Title: Trust Me
Author: Rajashree
Publisher: Rupa Publications
My Rating: 1.5/5


  1. I love what you wrote but still I want to read this novel before I die

    Shahenaz Akemi