Monday, November 29, 2010

Corruption-A Curse to the Nation

        Corruption has now become a buzzword. Everyday we can see the newspapers and news channels feeding us with the news related to corruption. Corruption has now shaken the very foundation of bureaucracy. Corruption has crippled our top politicians, top bureaucrats, police officials and employees of various organizations. The popular saying,'Corruption of the best is the worst' ; has now become self evident. Time has now come to deal with this menace with iron hands.

        Our great nation has recently witnessed a series of corruption related scams. Strating with the CommonWealth Games scam and gradually followed by 2G scam and the Adarsh Society scam has brought disrepute to the nation.More and more skeletons are coming out of the cupboard, the latest example being the Karnataka land scam. Many committees have been formed to look after this scams but in vain. Even the country's premiere investigating agency, C.B.I., seems to have become the puppets in the hands of Central Government and is protecting a few elite and influential persons involved in the scams.

        We the free citizens of India must denounce corruption in all forms.Government on other hand must show some will power and bring stricter laws punishing the corrupt. We the citizens of India must realize that the ultimate power of government resides in our hands. We must vote for only those candidates who have a clean record and we must show the corrupt politicians the exit door. The people of the poorest state i.e. Bihar have shown us the way by voting out Lalu-Rabri in the Assemble elections of 2010. We must learn from the people of Bihar and vote out this blood sucking CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

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